On October 24, 2019, Elephant Cooperation took our supporters on a neon jungle safari into the world of beautiful elephants and enchanted Africa. This event paved the way to what was to be a wonderful 2020 for Elephant Cooperation. With the help of our generous and wonderful donors, Elephant Cooperation hit our goal of raising $100,000 during the 2019 Anti-Gala paddle raise benefiting our partners at ACCF (African Community and Conservation Foundation) along with GivePower to fund their upcoming solar project in Zimbabwe where they are looking to provide power to several remote African villages.

Proceeding the prolific event, as we were still in awe of our Anti-Gala achievements, we decided to travel to Zimbabwe, where we visited our partners at GivePower to see what the donations from the Anti-Gala can do to support their schools. GivePower is an impeccable company that has inspired so many in their community. Through GivePower’s programs, they were able to provide clean water and sustainable power, enhance education, create new jobs and boost local economies. We admire their accomplishments throughout Africa and the positive impact that they have had on the environment through their various solar projects. Experiencing first-hand the impact of GivePower’s humanitarian relief programs fueled our desires to do more for the children and communities in Africa. 

We Must Help the People If We Want To Save Elephants

For years we have focused on the protection of elephants by funding elephant orphanages and fencing programs and granting to anti-poaching initiatives. We believe the work that rangers are undertaking is heroic and very important, however, we must support the anti-poaching programs as well as human relief programs in order for us to save the elephants. 

Africa is a large continent and the population is growing rapidly. An incredible find is that the median age of Africa’s population is 18 years old, and one-third of Africans 15 years and older are illiterate. The youth potential to drive the future of Africa is high. They can drive economic growth, they can drive innovation and most importantly, they can drive conservation efforts. We must invest in the adolescent population starting with their education. 

A major part of addressing childhood education includes food relief for students and their families. We also want to focus on sustainable commerce to help disadvantaged communities provide steady income for families, thus serving as an alternative to poaching.

Uplifting Communities & Individuals

Our world was drastically disrupted by COVID-19. Nations closed off from one another, but we must remember that we are still connected, we are still united. We are continuously communicating with our partners around the globe and forging partnerships with organizations that share our synergies and goals. Our work protecting elephants continues, but more than ever, Elephant Cooperation is committed to human relief efforts, and we need your help. 

We need our supporters to join us in the coming months as we share the stories of the lives impacted by COVID-19 and call on you all for your help. Our partners in Africa need help supporting their staff, rangers, students, and communities. The people who have been on the frontlines, these very people are the future of conservation, and they need our support NOW.

We thank you all for your continued support and look forward to improving the future of the children, communities, and conservation together.

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