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Helping Farmers with
Mobile Electric Fencing to
Mitigate Human-Elephant-Conflict 


Human-elephant conflict (HEC) stems from the collision between human activities and elephant behavior, often intensified by competition for resources like land, water, and food. One major issue in HEC is crop raiding, where elephants venture into farmland, damaging crops and posing risks to farmers and communities nearby. For farmers, crop raiding by elephants can be devastating, causing immediate financial loss and long-term food insecurity. Encounters with elephants also trigger fear and stress, impacting farmers' mental well-being and

community intolerance to conservation efforts.


In regions where elephants are considered a nuisance, conflicts can escalate, resulting in retaliatory killings. To combat HEC, our partnership with Space For Giants involves deploying mobile electric fences to protect farmlands and segregate wildlife. These initiatives aim to foster coexistence and sustainable practices, thereby reducing conflicts, protecting livelihoods, and conserving elephant populations.

Gabon stands as the last stronghold for forest elephants, with an estimated 70% of the endangered population residing within its borders. HEC also poses a significant challenge in regions like Laikipia, Kenya, which holds 50% of Kenya's second-largest elephant population. The escalation of such conflicts in these areas threatens both human livelihood and elephant populations.

Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, Space for Giants and Elephant Cooperation have partnered to develop and implement mobile electric fencing in areas that are most affected by HEC, knowing that the fencing had to be easily installed, maintained, and embraced by the community.

During Elephant Cooperation's visit to project sites in Gabon and Kenya, our team gained valuable insights into the complexities of human-elephant conflict, reinforcing the importance of projects such as these. These projects hinge on ground teams embedded within local communities, actively listening to feedback and addressing concerns. This continuous exchange of information enables teams to adapt to evolving challenges timely and effectively.

Such initiatives encourage coexistence between humans and elephants, alongside sustainable land use. The goal is to reduce the negative impacts of HEC on farmers' livelihoods and to protect elephant populations for

future generations.


Due to the success of mobile fencing in mitigating HEC, the demand for fencing exceeds current funding availability. Sustained support and awareness are crucial for the survival of elephants and the

well-being of communities in Africa.

With the generous support of donors like yourself, we can continue to champion this essential project, bringing peaceful coexistence between farmers and elephants.


Join us and make a meaningful difference in safeguarding livelihoods, promoting coexistence,

and ensuring the well-being of both communities and wildlife in Africa.

A donation of $3,000 covers the entire cost of a mobile electric fence for a 1-acre farm. 

Elephant Cooperation is a unique 501(c)3 devoted to raising awareness for the elephant crisis and supporting existing organizations that embrace our cause. Our goal is to create healthy, balanced, self-generating communities where both animals and people live in harmony.

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Space for Giants is an international conservation charity that protects Africa’s elephants and their landscapes while demonstrating the ecological and economic value both can bring. It uses science and best practices to deliver conservation investment initiatives to attract new funding to under- resourced protected areas. It works with national authorities to strengthen legal action to fight wildlife crime and protect animals in the wild. It uses technology it pioneered to reduce human-elephant conflict and works with a wide range of individuals, including academics, journalists, celebrities, philanthropists, and sports people, to bring new supporters to its cause. It is headquartered in Kenya, works in nine African countries, and is registered as a charity in the UK and a non-profit in the US. Learn more at

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