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Elephant Cooperation Launches Elephants To The Rescue

Sonance founder appeals for help to feed African families impacted by COVID19 disruptions

San Clemente, CA (December 22, 2020) – Elephant Cooperation, a conservation group started by Orange County based entrepreneur Scott Struthers, announced the launch of Elephants to the Rescue, its new initiative to provide food assistance to families living near wildlife areas in Kenya.

“African communities located near elephant areas have been drastically impacted by COVID19 lock downs and the loss of tourism income,” said Struthers, the co-founder of home technology company, Sonance. “We see a direct correlation between poverty and wildlife poaching. Since the pandemic began, many people have lapsed into food insecurity. We need to help these people, especially children and the rangers who protect elephants, until the pandemic runs its course.”

Elephants to the Rescue will provide monthly supplies of food staples, including grains and legumes, to families in need. By associating this aid with the neighboring elephants, Elephants to the Rescue reinforces the message that elephants are valuable and to be protected.

Elephant Cooperation is raising $100,000 to feed over 600 families during 2021. A donation of $25 feeds a family for a month, $100 feeds 4 rangers for a month, and $1,000 feeds 100 school children for a month. Elephant Cooperation has already received a $15,000 donation from City National Bank. The first food drop will take place in January 2021.

“The delivery of food to the Amboseli and Marsabit communities will be life changing for the people and will certainly reduce wildlife poaching,” added Patrick Ignuza, Kenyan journalist and Elephant Cooperation Ambassador. “My hope is that the world will be inspired to give support to this effort.”

To make a donation to Elephants to the Rescue, please visit

About Elephant Cooperation: Founded in 2016 with the mission of “saving the African elephant before it is too late,” Elephant Cooperation is a unique 501(c)3 focused on finding and funding the most effective ways to help elephants and the communities living near them. Our motto is No Poverty, No Poaching.

Contact: Elena Arney The Diverse Group +1 (415) 361-0001

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