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World Water Day, March 22nd, 2024

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Africa is facing a severe water crisis. The devastating effects of drought have plagued communities, wildlife, and ecosystems, posing immense challenges to survival and coexistence. In Kenya, women and children often walk for miles each day to fetch water, sometimes spending hours in search of this precious resource. The burden falls heavily on women, who must balance household responsibilities with the strenuous task of water collection.

The water scarcity crisis also affects wildlife, particularly elephants. As natural water sources dry up, elephants are forced to venture into villages in search of water, leading to increased human-elephant conflict and threats to both human and elephant lives.

At Elephant Cooperation, we're committed to addressing the water crisis in Kenya head-on. Through strategic partnerships with local organizations and communities, we're implementing innovative solutions to ensure access to clean water for both humans and wildlife. We're drilling boreholes in strategic locations to provide reliable access to water for communities and wildlife alike. These boreholes serve as lifelines during times of drought, offering a sustainable water source for drinking, agriculture, and wildlife.

Additionally, we're creating separate water pans for humans, livestock, and wildlife further away from villages. By separating water sources, we reduce the likelihood of human-elephant conflicts and promote peaceful coexistence between people and wildlife

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Your support can make a real difference in the lives of communities and wildlife affected by the water crisis in Kenya. By donating to Elephant Cooperation, you're directly contributing to the implementation of water conservation projects that save lives and protect ecosystems.

Join us in making a positive impact this World Water Day. Together, we can ensure a future where clean water is accessible to all, humans and wildlife alike.

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