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Elephant Cooperation Delivers Food Assistance To Kenyan Wildlife Villages In Need

Southern California’s unique non-profit focused on finding and funding effective ways to help elephants and the communities living near them.

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., February 3, 2021 – This past Saturday, Elephant Cooperation, a 501(c)3 started by Orange County based entrepreneur Scott Struthers, delivered its first in a series of monthly “food drops” to the hunger-stricken community of Amboseli, Kenya. In 2021, as part of a new initiative, called “Elephants to the Rescue”, Elephant Cooperation will distribute $100,000 of food to over 2,500 people living in Amboseli and Marsabit.

“I founded Elephant Cooperation in 2016 with a focus to save the African elephants while feeding and educating children and their communities, supporting rangers and increasing public awareness,” said Struthers, Founder of Elephant Cooperation. “These series of food drops will occur monthly throughout 2021 to help rangers and their families who are instrumental to reducing wildlife poaching.”

Elephants are threatened by extinction and over the last several decades the population of African elephants has experienced a steady decline. Wildlife poaching has been further exacerbated by COVID-19 and the negative impact to income coming from tourism.

“Life in Africa has been drastically disrupted by Covid-19 and there is extreme food insecurity in these Kenyan wildlife villages,” said Patrick Igunza, a Kenya-based journalist who supports Elephant Cooperation conservation efforts. “Both the people and elephants are suffering now more than ever. By feeding the children, families and rangers who fight wildlife poaching, we know we are making a difference.”

Elephant Cooperation, in conjunction with Ramgarhia Youth Association (RYA), will manage and deliver sacks full of grains, legumes and corn meal to these struggling wildlife communities. This weekend, the Marsabit community will receive their first delivery of food.

“We are so happy to receive relief from our friends at the Elephant Cooperation,” said Joel Tumuke, Chief of Inchurra Village, Amboseli, Kenya. “We thank them very much and are so appreciative of their efforts.”

Struthers hopes to continue “Elephants to the Rescue” into 2022 through this year’s fundraisers.

For anyone interested in supporting Elephant Cooperation, please donate here:

About Elephant Cooperation:

Founded in 2016 with the mission of “saving the African elephant before it is too late,” Elephant Cooperation is a unique 501(c)3 focused on finding and funding the most effective ways to help elephants and the communities living near them. Our motto is “No Poverty, No Poaching.” For more information please visit:


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